A Summer of Possiblities

Take on Surfing with Women + Waves Surf Society

We joined the Women + Waves – Surf Society Facebook Group, an all female surf collective, down in Cornwall to find out more about their passion for surfing, their growing Facebook community and to catch a few waves of course.  ↔️↕️🌊

On the day, a new member joined the team and we got to see the true welcoming nature of the Women + Waves group. We watched as they all went out in to the waves together. And with a 360 degree camera they captured authentic moments that show what it is like to be part of a Facebook group.

The content we captured kick started our Summer of Possibilities series and was added to the FaceBook Instant Experience.

Watch the 360 video below

The series featured over ten unique groups, their members and their activities. It proved to be a great way for our audience to get inspiration, advice or support when trying something different after a year of Lockdowns.

Facebook Instant Experience