O2 Home Broadband

The Great Niggle Nobble

With public complaints about broadband service providers at an all time high, O2 wanted to highlight their commitment to dealing with consumer feedback.

The Great Niggle Nobble was an innovative, immersive Facebook and iPhone game that encouraged our target market (mainly 25–35 year old tech-savvy males) to help rid the nation of broadband niggles and narks.

A little like Pokemon GO! But 5 years before that came out 😉

One of the first Branded Augmented Reality games for the iPhone. The Great Niggle Nobble made the Top 40 Games in the App Store in June 2010.

Based on the characters created for the ATL campaign, players roamed the country nobbling niggles, either virtually on Facebook using Google Maps, or for real with an augmented reality iPhone game. In both cases they turned them in at O2 stores to get more points and prizes. With new goodies up for grabs every day, the more they nobbled the more chance they had of winning.

IAB Creative Showcase Brand Advertiser Award ‘2010’

IAB Creative Showcase Winner ‘10 July 2010’

FWA Mobile Of The Day 9th September 2010

Campaign Big Awards Shortlisted