Hope Grows

The YouTube Channel that grows Coral

The coral reefs of the world are teetering on the brink of collapse. Without intervention, we risk irrevocably losing this essential ecosystem for good.

Nevertheless, a beacon of hope emerges as Sheba unveils the World’s most expansive initiative for coral reef restoration, dedicated to safeguarding and reviving the breathtaking beauty within our oceans.

In Indonesia, just off the shores of Sulawesi, lies Hope Reef. A remarkable coral reef formation is taking shape on Salisi’ Besar, forming the word ‘HOPE,’ a powerful message visible to all who gaze upon it.

With the help of the local island community, Mars Petcare / Sheba plant special steel structures called Reef Stars to restore reefs. Watch as coral covers a Reef Star and life returns to the ocean.

Rebuilding coral reefs is a complex task, and saldy getting people to donate to help can almost be as hard. But we came up with a pretty simple idea for you can take part and help.

We created a YouTube channel that grows coral just by you watching our content

But don’t skip the ads because every view = more ad revenue = more proceeds to restore Coral reefs. So with every video view, you are literally helping to bring life back to our oceans.