What if there was a way to outsmart the Cold, Flu or Allergies?

When consumers have cold or allergy symptoms, the first step to feeling better is figuring out what’s wrong. Searching online might seem like a good start, but the massive amount of information available can make finding a reliable answer tricky and overwhelming.

So we asked: how can we break through the clutter? How can we make it easy to find what’s relevant in particular time and place?

We created the HEALTHYDAY App for Johnson & Johnson, a smart tool to make sense of all the information consumers can find.

Our goal was to make it simple for Americans to find the cause of their pesky symptoms, and allow them to see what cold or flu might be just around the corner.

By cross-referencing real-time, location-specific data generated by users with the trusted resources used by doctors and hospitals, the HEALTHYDAY App uses a patent pending algorithm to help pinpoint the cause of symptoms, and direct users towards simple, effective solutions that can offer relief sooner. The app also offers 30 Second Solutions to help answer common questions like; “How to reduce allergy symptoms in the house” and “How to avoid dryness after washing your hands.” After all, who wants to scour the web looking for information when you don’t have to?

The most interactive feature, The Illness Trends Map, shows in real-time what symptoms or illnesses other app users are reporting nearby. It aggregates this info so the user can see if allergy sensitivity is high or if a nasty bug is going around. Illness Alerts can also be set to provide a handy “heads up” when something pops up in a user’s usual hangouts, allowing for extra precautions.

The HEALTHYDAY App is a powerful, technically advanced, and robust app. One that makes it easier to see which way the wind is blowing when it comes to cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. Best of all it helps empower consumers to make effective decisions and feel better every day. And that’s what Johnson & Johnson is all about.