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Rally The Food Groups

When you need support, a little help or some sound advice, Rally the Food Groups

We Brits love our food and on Facebook it’s one of the most popular topics users post and share about. But not many realise that there are 1000s of like minded people and communities that they can join to get and share a wealth of advice, support and inspiration for all kinds of food moments.

To show our audience the real, tangible benefits of being part of a Food themed group, we came up with a campaign that would demonstrated this in real time. Inspired by real life stories and with the help of our Food Lovers Communities we created four films that showed exactly what’s happens when someone genuinely needs support, advice or inspiration with a culinary dilemma.

From advice to where to find the best Pasty in Cornwall, to desperately needing inspiration for an authentic and historic Indian ingredients and recipes. Our food groups came together and helped us retell these stories with UGC comments, suggestions, video clips and photos. The results were incredible!