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Topical content from 2021

More Together in 2021

2021 was a busy year at Facebook – We created a lot of fantastic content to promote the great benefits of being part of the Facebook groups community.

We utilised the Facebook platform to it fullest and partnered with some fantastic illustrators, animators, film makers and of course our amazing FB groups community to create seasonally themed content that inspired our followers to take part and join in. 

These are my favourite and most engaged with posts

We went surfing with the ladies from the Women + Waves – Surf Society in 360 video. We went live Moon watching with the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the Astronomy & Islam Facebook Group. We join food groups all over the UK and shared our favourite food stories, recipes and recommendations.  We taught our followers how to Sign and turned their comments into sign language. We tried to beat a world Baked Bean eating record. We even learned a lot about garden wildlife and that Bees do indeed fart