Activia – The TLC Club
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Activia – The TLC Club

The tastiest way to get your body back on track!

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The Activia TLC Plan is a fun fitness, diet and lifestyle plan combined with a daily dose of Activia, that aims to help you get back on track after the excess of Christmas and New Year.

At this time of the year there are many types of diet and fitness plans promising all kinds of things. So in this crowded market how does the Activia plan stand out from the rest? Well for starters it knows not everyone is the same. One persons lifestyle can be completely different to the next. It also knows not everyone is a dab hand in the kitchen or a dedicate gym goer. It understands that a mum with kids might not have the same amount of disposable time as someone without kids. So when you sign up to the TLC plan it gets to know exactly who you are and tailors a plan full of delicious recipes and meal ideas, fun exercise and lifestyle tips that are exactly right for you.

But it doesn’t end there. As you progress through the 14 days the plan keeps track of how you are feeling inside and out and adapts to suit. If you are feeling low on energy one day it’ll give you simple exercise tips and meal and snack suggestions to get your energy levels back up. You can also continue to modify your plan and earn reward points by simply returning daily and interacting with it. You can comment, rate and share through FB and twitter any lifestyle tips, recipe or fitness ideas and maybe even share your experiences by adding your own suggestions. The more you interact with the plan the more accurate it will be and you’ll earn points you can redeem for prizes. It all aids to making the TLC plan a rich, engaging and fun experience.