Shell – The Morro da Mineira Project
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Shell – The Morro da Mineira Project

JWT London and Shell create the world’s first floodlit football pitch powered by the players’ football steps.

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During my time at JWT London, working on Shell occupied a good 50% of creative time.

Although I was responsible for all digital campaigns across the Shell brand, Shell Lubricants and Shell Corporate took the lions share.

Shell Helix – Driven to Extremes was a massive global project where we created an insane amount of content in a short period of time (24 countries in 17 different languages)

On the other hand Shell Corporate and the Let’s Go campaign, demonstrating Shell’s responsibilities in addressing the on going energy crisis, was an on going project and ran the entire time I was at JWT.

What was truly interesting and exciting about this campaign was the opportunities it afforded me and my team to create truly innovative and engaging work outside of the standard digital comms (which there were many).

This was a Global brief and I would regularly work remotely with creative teams from around the JWT global network. On some occasions selected Creatives teams would join us in London for 5 day intensive creative sessions that I would run, along with the ECD and planning Directors, with the goal to present ideas to the client at the end of the week.

The Power of Sport was an idea that came from such a session back in April 2013. Out of the 50+ ideas submitted I chose this one as I genuinely felt it hit the brief spot on. This particular idea “demonstrated Shell’s sustainability credentials through a project that delivers a clear social benefit”. Although in its first incarnation the idea was a little different the simplicity of the idea and its message stayed the same through to delivery.

Only three ideas from 50 made the brutal final client cut that week. And there had been many great ideas that had failed to make it before this (See bubble bot) so there was added determination in the entire team not to let this one get away.

As mentioned the initial idea was slightly different and I played my a part in guiding it to where it finally settled but when I left JWT late 2013 the project was still being scoped, debated, put on hold, changed, changed and changed again. It was finally launched under the Shell #makethefuture campaign but the integrity of the original idea remained.

I feel truly proud of the work I created and tried to create during my time being CD on Shell at JWT. Although I can not claim this idea wholly as my own I like to believe it was inspired by my passion to create something truly innovative for a client some individuals believed was impossible.

I have to give it to the team involved in bringing the idea home nearly 18 months after it was conceived. They truly deserve massive praise. Fabio Maca & Angela Bassichetti (JWT Sao Paulo) for the original idea, Morton and the Wills (JWT london) for carrying the creative baton to the finish line and more importantly John Terry who weathered the storm and made a something very special happen.