Tequila Face
project name

Tequila Face

Meet Vince Frank. Casting director for Jose Cuervo Productions.

  • Client:

    Jose Cuervo

  • My Role:

    Creative Director

TequilaFace is multi-channel campaign designed to amplify a Nation Wide Jose Cuervo Tequila in-bar promotion and to continue to engage the consumer long after the haze of the morning after has worn off.

Jose Cuervo, the man, is looking for the ultimate Tequila Faces to star in a movie being shot in La Rojena, Mexico, the home of Jose Cuervo Tequila. To enter, take photo of yourself with three friends enjoying a shot of Jose Cuervo Tequila and send it to Vince Frank, Casting Director of Jose Cuervo Productions. Applicants instantly receive an message from Vince confirming that he has their photo and that he’ll be in touch again later when he’s had a chance to looked at it. The next day Vince sends you another message asking you to visit his office via webcam at tequilaface.co.uk where he would like to speak to you directly. Your meeting with Vince is the start of an engaging, fully personalised video that places you and your friends at the heart of the experience.

Share your video through Facebook and Twitter, or if you’d like to discuss Vince’s opinion of your photo directly you can take it up with him on his Facebook fanpage.

62% of in-bar participants responded to Vince's Message and visited his website the following day.