Benadryl – Social Pollen Count
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Benadryl – Social Pollen Count

The BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count is a service that helps sufferers fight hay fever together.

  • Client:

    Johnson & Johnson

  • My Role:

    Digital Creative Director

The Social Pollen Count is a unique desktop and mobile app which lets hay fever sufferers report and receive live pollen alerts via a map of the UK.

This isn’t just another allergy app – official Met Office pollen data is combined with real time Twitter feeds provided by allergy sufferers. In addition, you can contribute to the BENADRYL® Social Pollen Count with specific info on where you are suffering, how bad it is and what type of pollen you are suffering from. Winning the war against hay fever is about working together to stay one step ahead. And this app gives hay fever sufferers more than a fighting chance.

And of course there were the few jokers that found a tiny bug in the site and were quick to exploit it. But we were just as quick to fix it and respond in kind.