Post-it Notes & Deal or No Deal
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Post-it Notes & Deal or No Deal

3M Post-it were the seasons main sponsor


3M Post-it were the seasons main sponsor of TV’s hottest game show Deal or No Deal and in celebration they were giving the public the chance to win instant cash rewards from 1p to £100 with every promotional pack of Post-its.

When you enter a unique promotion code from any pack of Post-its into the site you got a Box with a cash amount hidden inside. From there its pretty much the same as TV show format; ‘The Banker’ makes you an offer for that box and you have to decide to take his offer or go for whats in the box.

Will you DEAL or NO DEAL? Either way the box is opened and you find out if you made the right decision.

The a site reflects all the tension and excitement of the game show and if your a keen viewer you’ll understand that there is a certain amount of mystery about ‘The Banker’ – who is he what does he or even she sound like. And what made the experience truly unique was that ‘The Banker’ personally called you to give you his/her offer. Using [tech] The Bankers phone call offer was linked to the users personal website experience and the audience reacted to the bankers offer shouting encouragement and advise and then cheering or commiserating the out come.