Lurpak – Seasonal Campaigns (Global Toolkits)
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Lurpak – Seasonal Campaigns (Global Toolkits)

Whatever the season, great food deserves Lurpak

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    Lurpak Global (Arla)

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    Creative Director


Not all weekends are created equal. With every ingredient ripe for the picking and an extra day for the boldest of flavours, the Easter weekend is the event your senses were made for.

Christmas 2016 – We’ve waited all year for this…

Lurpak knows that for food lovers christmas is full of amazing food moments. The moments that we think about all year round. The moments the excite us the most. The moments the deserver the very best.

To excite food lovers the events like these are the reason the cook, we created a suite of social content aimed at inspiring them to go all out, using the best possible ingredients whilst enjoying the thrill of being in the kitchen.

We created stackable social content in the form go short videos and animated gifs the brought to life all the moments of cooking at Christmas that we love. Those moments that we have waited all year for.

[ungraded Directors edit created from all content captured on the Christmas shoot]

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2015 – Take on Christmas (UK)

Lurpak’s digital festive campaign encourages consumers to make their festive food stand out from the usual standard turkey with sage and onion stuffing or Brussel sprouts with pancetta and surprise and delight friends and family this Christmas.

We all love a traditional Christmas dinner, but more often than not we keep to that tradition and play safe. Throughout the rest of the year, the foodies amongst us look at every dish as an opportunity. A chance to experiment, create and invent. But even foodies tend to revert to the same traditional way of doing things at Christmas, so Lurpak is declaring it ‘the season to be bold’ – through some inspiring social content, online recipe suggestions and influencer partnerships, Lurpak is encouraging food lovers to challenge themselves and inject their usual experimentation and flair into their Christmas cooking and to Take On Christmas with that ‘food lover’ attitude.

The campaign, launched online in early December, was created by Leo Burnett London, working with in-house director Alex Graham and photographer Scott Grummet. The campaign urges the Nation to ‘break the Christmas quo’ with recipe suggestions that include turkey with a nut and cranberry crust, sprout gratin with bacon and gruyère and filo pastry mince pies with crème fraîche and clementine zest.






2015 – Share Your Tradition (Global)

There’s always one dish that makes it feel like Christmas has truly begun. From family to family, culture to culture, everyone’s favourite is different – the story behind it, the memories it evokes, even the little twists that only your loved ones add. It’s these things that make those dishes unique.

We wanted to encourage food lovers to create new traditions by exploring different food traditions from around the world, while sharing theirs to inspire others.