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Quaker Oats

Quaker’s new ‘I owe it to Oats’ campaign focuses on the key health benefits of eating oats in the winter months.

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    Senior Creative

The campaign “I owe it to Oats” highlights the three Key benefits of the product; gut health, heart health, and “kick-start to the day”.

Each short Films shows different personal stories of everyday people, and how Quaker Oats helps them in their daily routine

The campaign is running across TV and digital platforms, such as social media video content, and includes PR and in-store activations.


Edits for online platforms:

Taking the core personal stories from the TV we needed to create 6 and 15 second edits that we could dynamically tailor product and messaging to what a viewer was searching for and when and which platform each video was viewed. This wasn’t the case of simply re-editing the TV, we story boarded over 20 unique edits and shot 20 new scenes ensuring the each edit was unique whilst maintaining synergy with the rest of the campaign.

Six second edit examples

15 Second edit examples