KitKat – #breakfromgravity
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KitKat – #breakfromgravity

Boldly going where no confectionary has gone before.

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    Nestle Kit Kat

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Ahead of his record-breaking skydive on 14th October from the edge of space, Felix Baumgartner had been delayed on several occasions during the week due to the weather. As Felix and his team waited for the perfect conditions to carry out the skydive, JWT London helped Kit Kat send up four fingers to the edge of space in a show of support and to keep spirits high.

The Kit Kat started its ascent from Cambridgeshire (UK) at 11:20am, rising to a height of 116490ft (35.5km / 22 miles). A GoPro camera was strapped to a weather balloon to record the footage. Camera footage, which tracked the Kit Kat’s ascent and descent, was shared via the brand’s social media channels. It was posted on the Kit Kat Facebook page ( and on Twitter (, where users were encouraged to use the hashtag #BreakFromGravity.

final adjustment to the capsule that hold the camera and gps location device.

Only a simple Latex weather balloon fill with helium is need to get our intrepid chocolate bar to the edge of space

Ready for lift off

Up up and away

FOUND! After falling 120000ft the rig is not in in too bad shape. It was found not 30 miles away from the launch location.