KitKat – #AlphaBreak
project name

KitKat – #AlphaBreak

Prototype Vending machine for KitKat

  • Client:

    Nestle KitKat

  • My Role:

    Creative Director

In our hyper-connected lives where breaks are filled with Angry Birds, tweets, likes, Snapchats, pings, taps and buzzes; can we ever say we are really having a break not just in body but also in mind? So if you really do take a break you should be rewarded, right? It’s what KitKat have believed and said for 78 years. Have a break, have a KITKAT.

So to prove you are truly having a break in this hyper connective world we developed the Alphabreak Vending Machine. The AlphaBreak Vending Machine is a cutting edge experience that analyses your thought patterns by scanning your Brain’s Alpha Waves using a simple EEG sensor.

It simply tells us if you are having a mental rest, a natural state of relaxation, a break – that’s when your brain produces Alpha Waves. Then if you are having a break (as everyone knows) you should have a KITKAT. So the Alphabreak vends four fingers to make your break complete.

Not only is this experience rewarding and entertaining but it is also good for you! It helps you put your mind is in a natural resting state, a state of break that can make you feel less stressed; increase concentration and even boost your immune system. It’s a win, win, win.
Relax your mind, Have a break, have a KITKAT.

On the outside this is a 1960's original KItKat Vending machine that we purchased from Ebay.

Vending machine interior with original coin operated mechanics replaced.

How the NeuroSky Blue Tooth headset talks to the vending machine and triggers the release of a KitKat when Alpha Brain waves are detected.

First prototype ready for testing

ECD of JWT London, Russell Ramsey, our first human test subject.

Mockup of our concept vending machine for stage two.