42 Below Stories
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42 Below Stories

What happens when you mix a little 42 Below Vodka into your life.

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    42 Below

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42 Below vodka’s always been a brand that knows how to have a good time. It’s not afraid to make comment or take risks. In fact it’s a brand that has been known to get up to the odd bit of mischief.

We created a campaign of stories – stories about getting up to mischief when 42 Below was around. We told these stories in lots of places – magazines and outdoor posters so we’d get noticed, and in such salubrious surrounding as the backs of toilet doors in bars.

We knew if people liked our stories they’d want to share them with their friends around the world and maybe even create their own. So we developed an online story builder packed with 400+ symbol and icons (with sounds to add comedy value) allowing users to tell their own stories by dragging the desired combination of icons into the space in the story window. Users could share their created story with friends via email or they could choose to send it direct to mobile as a short movie file.

Gold Cannes
Grand Clio
Young Guns Awards Bronze