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I am Chris Jones, an award-winning Creative with over 14 years experience in integrated advertising, specialising in digital and social media platforms.

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In my career so far I have worked at a mix of Digital and ATL agencies both in the UK and overseas for wide range of well known brands.

As my portfolio demonstrates, I have a rich history in creating innovative campaigns for all kinds of consumer goods and services. And I love nothing more than inspiring those around me to find new and interesting ways to utilising the ever changing digital platforms we use in our daily lives.

I starting my career as a digital designer and coder, but when I found my way in to the advertising industry my skill set evolved. Since then I have become a very proficient Art Director and Copywriter but still with a passion for digital platforms, new technology, and an in-depth working knowledge of adobe applications.

And it’s the passion I have for new technology (Mobile tech/AR/VR/IA) and the ever evolving social media platforms which has helped me create some truly stand out digital experiences and on trend social media content.

I can work solo, in a partnership, or oversee teams of Creatives and Designers. I thoroughly enjoy very opportunity to collaborate with producers, photographers, directors on still and film shoots and coders and creative technologists when developing digital experiences.

What ever the role, or the brief, you can be 100% confident that I have the experience and abilities to advise, inspire and support my team in nearly every aspect of a creative project and the passion and tenacity to craft some amazing work.

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